Parts of Speech Verb

Karath Definition

  1. to cut, cut off, cut down, cut off a body part, cut out, eliminate, kill, cut a covenant
    1. (Qal)
      1. to cut off 1a
    2. to cut off a body part, behead
      1. to cut down
      2. to hew
      3. to cut or make a covenant
    3. (Niphal)
      1. to be cut off
      2. to be cut down
      3. to be chewed
      4. to be cut off, fail
    4. (Pual)
      1. to be cut off
      2. to be cut down
    5. (Hiphil)
      1. to cut off
      2. to cut off, destroy
      3. to cut down, destroy
      4. to take away
      5. to permit to perish
    6. (Hophal) cut off
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Original Language
a primitive root
Strong's Number
TDNT Entry
TWOT - 1048

The Hebrew lexicon is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament." These files are considered public domain.

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