The KJV Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

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Original WordWord Origin
[wXyfor (03091)
Transliterated WordTDNT Entry
Phonetic SpellingParts of Speech
Jeshua = "he is saved" n pr m
  1. son of Nun of the tribe of Ephraim and successor to Moses as the leader of the children of Israel; led the conquest of Canaan
  2. son of Jehozadak and high priest after the restoration
  3. a priest in the time of David who had charge of the 9th course
  4. a Levite in the reign of Hezekiah
  5. head of a Levitical house which returned from captivity in Babylon
  6. father of a builder of the wall of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah n pr loc
  7. a town in southern Judah reinhabited by the people of Judah after the return from captivity
King James Word Usage - Total: 29
Jeshua 29
KJV Verse Count
1 Chronicles1
2 Chronicles1

The Hebrew lexicon is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament." These files are considered public domain.

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Brown, Driver, Briggs and Gesenius. "Hebrew Lexicon entry for Yeshuwa`". "The KJV Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon". .

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