Belt@sha'tstsar (Aramaic)

The NAS Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

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Original WordWord Origin
rccaXtlbfrom a root corresponding to (01095)
Transliterated WordTDNT Entry
Belt@sha'tstsar (Aramaic)None
Phonetic SpellingParts of Speech
bale-tesh-ats-tsar'   Proper Name Masculine
Belteshazzar = "lord of the straitened's treasure"
  1. the 4th of the greater prophets, taken as hostage in the first deportation to Babylon; because of the gift of God of the interpretation of dreams, he became the 2nd in command of the Babylon empire and lasted through the end of the Babylonian empire and into the Persian empire. His prophecies are the key to the understanding of end time events. Noted for his purity and holiness by contemporary prophet, Ezekiel
    1. also, 'Daniel' (01840 or 01841)
 NAS Word Usage - Total: 8
Belteshazzar 8
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