The NAS Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

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Original WordWord Origin
lawyfrom (03068) and (0410)
Transliterated WordTDNT Entry
Phonetic SpellingParts of Speech
yo-ale' Proper Name Masculine
Joel = "Jehovah is God"
  1. son of Pethuel and the 2nd of the 12 minor prophets with a book by his name; probably prophesied in the time of king Uzziah of Judah
  2. eldest son of Samuel the prophet and father of Heman the singer
  3. a Simeonite chief
  4. a Reubenite
  5. a chief of Gad
  6. son of Izrahiah and a chief of Issachar
  7. brother of Nathan of Zobah and one of David's mighty warriors
  8. son of Pedaiah and a chief of the half tribe of Manasseh west of the Jordan in the time of David
  9. a son of Nebo who returned with Ezra and had a foreign wife
  10. a Benjamite, son of Zichri
  11. a Levite
  12. a Kohathite Levite in the reign of Hezekiah
  13. a Gershonite Levite chief in the time of David
  14. a Gershonite Levite, son of Jehiel and a descendant of Laadan; maybe same as 13
NAS Word Usage - Total: 20
Joel 20
NAS Verse Count
1 Samuel1
1 Chronicles15
2 Chronicles1

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