Proverbes 23:28

28 Elle dresse des embûches comme un brigand, Et elle augmente parmi les hommes le nombre des perfides.

Proverbes 23:28 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 23:28

She also lieth in wait as [for] a prey
At the door of her house, in the corner of the streets, in the dark of the night; laying her snares, and spreading her nets, for unwary persons, to make a prey of their virtue and of their money. Or, "as [a man of] prey" {k}; a thief and robber, so Gersom; thus she watches and takes all opportunities to seize on persons, and rob them of their substance, health, and credit; or rather "as [a beast of] prey"; ravenous, devouring, and insatiable; so the Targum,

``as a beast ravening, she lies in wait with her eyes;''
and increaseth the transgressors among men;
there is none that occasions wore sin, or makes more sinners, than a whorish woman; swearing, lying, drunkenness, thieving, stealing, housebreaking, robbing on the highway are the sins she leads into. Or, "increaseth treacherous" F12 persons; to God, to their king, to their wives, to their master's; and all that they may consume, what they can get by perfidious practices, upon them, or,
``perfidious persons among men, she adds "to herself" F13;''
she gets a parcel of abandoned wretches about her, whom she employs as her panders for her lust, or as bullies to spoil her gallants of their substance, or murder them for the sake of it.

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Proverbes 23:28 In-Context

26 Mon fils, donne-moi ton coeur, Et que tes yeux se plaisent dans mes voies.
27 Car la prostituée est une fosse profonde, Et l'étrangère un puits étroit.
28 Elle dresse des embûches comme un brigand, Et elle augmente parmi les hommes le nombre des perfides.
29 Pour qui les ah? pour qui les hélas? Pour qui les disputes? pour qui les plaintes? Pour qui les blessures sans raison? pour qui les yeux rouges?
30 Pour ceux qui s'attardent auprès du vin, Pour ceux qui vont déguster du vin mêlé.