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Luke 5:20

20 When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”

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And when he saw their faith, he said unto him,Man, thy sins are forgiven thee.
And when he saw their faith, he said, "Man, your sins are forgiven you."
Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the man, “Young man, your sins are forgiven.”

What does Luke 5:20 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Luke 5:20

And when he saw their faith
That is, Jesus, as the Syriac and Persic versions express it; when he saw the faith both of the paralytic man, and of the men that brought him, which was shown in the pains they took, and trouble they were at, in getting him to him;

he said unto him.
The Vulgate Latin only reads, "he said"; but the Syriac, Arabic, and Persic versions, still more fully express the sense, rendering it, "he said to the paralytic man"; and the Ethiopic version, "he said to the infirm man"; as follows:

man, thy sins are forgiven thee.
The other evangelists say, he said "son"; perhaps he used both words: however, all agree that he pronounced the forgiveness of sins, which were the cause of his disease; and which being removed, the effect must cease; so that he had healing both for soul and body; (See Gill on Matthew 9:2).

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