Genesis 40:15

15 Denn ich bin aus dem Lande der Hebräer heimlich gestohlen; dazu habe ich auch allhier nichts getan, daß sie mich eingesetzt haben.

Genesis 40:15 Meaning and Commentary

Genesis 40:15

For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews,
&c.] Not the whole land of Canaan, so called, either from the Hebrews sojourning: in it, or from its being given unto them by God; neither of which could be a reason why Joseph, when talking with an Egyptian, should give it this name, and which, it must be supposed, was known to him; but that part of the land of Canaan where the Hebrews had sojourned for three generations, where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had lived, even at or near Hebron; and being persons of great note, and having done great exploits, their names were well known, and the country where they lived, and particularly among the Egyptians: now Joseph does not expose the sin of his brethren in selling him to the Ishmaelites, by whom he was brought into Egypt and sold there; only relates that he was stolen out of his native country, being taken from it without his own or his father's consent: and here also have I done nothing that they should put me into the
since he had been in the land of Egypt, he had not been guilty of any criminal action wherefore he should be put into a prison, and especially into a dungeon, a dark and filthy place under ground, as dungeons usually were, and into which Joseph was put when first in confinement, though since took out of it: he makes no mention of the wickedness of his mistress, and of her false accusation of him, nor of the injustice of his master in putting him into prison without hearing him; only asserts his own innocence, which was necessary to recommend himself to the butler, that he might not think he was some loose fellow that was committed to prison for some capital crime, and so it would have, been a disgrace to him to have spoken for him.

Genesis 40:15 In-Context

13 ber drei Tage wird Pharao dein Haupt erheben und dich wieder an dein Amt stellen, daß du ihm den Becher in die Hand gebest nach der vorigen Weise, da du sein Schenke warst.
14 Aber gedenke meiner, wenn dir's wohl geht, und tue Barmherzigkeit an mir, daß du Pharao erinnerst, daß er mich aus diesem Hause führe.
15 Denn ich bin aus dem Lande der Hebräer heimlich gestohlen; dazu habe ich auch allhier nichts getan, daß sie mich eingesetzt haben.
16 Da der oberste Bäcker sah, daß die Deutung gut war, sprach er zu Joseph: Mir hat auch geträumt, ich trüge drei weiße Körbe auf meinem Haupt
17 und im obersten Korbe allerlei gebackene Speise für den Pharao; und die Vögel aßen aus dem Korbe auf meinem Haupt. {~} {~}
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