Joshua 13:1-7

1 And Joshua old and very advanced in years; and the Lord said to Joshua, Thou art advanced in years, and there is much land left to inherit.
2 And this the land that is left: the borders of the Phylistines, the Gesirite, and the Chananite,
3 from the wilderness before Egypt, as far as the borders of Accaron on the left of the Chananites is reckoned to the five principalities of the Phylistines, to the inhabitant of Gaza, and of Azotus, and of Ascalon, and of Geth, and of Accaron, and to the Evite;
4 from Thaeman even to all the land of Chanaan before Gaza, and the Sidonians as far as Aphec, as far as the borders of the Amorites.
5 And all the land of Galiath of the Phylistines, and all Libanus eastward from Galgal, under the mountain Aermon as far as the entering in of Emath;
6 every one that inhabits the hill country from Libanus as far as Masereth Memphomaim. All the Sidonians, I will destroy them from before Israel; but do thou give them by inheritance to Israel, as I charged thee.
7 And now divide this land by lot to the nine tribes, and to the half tribe of Manasse.
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