Lamentations 5:19

19 But thou, O Lord, shalt dwell for ever; thy throne to generation and generation.

Lamentations 5:19 Meaning and Commentary

Lamentations 5:19

Thou, O Lord, remainest for ever
The same in his nature and perfections; in his grace and goodness; in his power and faithfulness; in his purposes and promises; though all things else change, are fickle and inconstant, he changes not, but abides the same, without any variableness or shallow of turning; whatever revolutions there are in the world, or alterations in the course of Providence, yet he remains firm and unalterable in his counsel and covenant; though all material things are subject to decay, and even his own sanctuary lay in ruins, yet he himself continued just as he ever was. The eternity and unchangeableness of God are of great use and comfort to his people in times of distress, and to be regarded and observed:

thy throne from generation to generation;
though his throne on earth, in Jerusalem, in the temple, was thrown down, yet his throne in heaven remained unshaken; there he sits, and reigns, and rules, and overrules all things here below to his own glory and the good of his people; and this is the saints' comfort in the worst of times, that Zion's King reigns; he has reigned, and will reign, throughout all generations. The Targum is,

``the house of thine habitation in the high heavens; the throne of thy glory to the generations of generations?''

Lamentations 5:19 In-Context

17 For this has grief come; our heart is sorrowful: for this our eyes are darkened.
18 Over the mountain of Sion, because it is made desolate, foxes have walked therein.
19 But thou, O Lord, shalt dwell for ever; thy throne to generation and generation.
20 Wherefore wilt thou utterly forget us, and abandon us a long time?
21 Turn us, O Lord, to thee, and we shall be turned; and renew our days as before.

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