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Mark 10:10

10 When they were in the house again, the disciples asked Jesus about this.

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And in the house his disciples asked him again of the same matter.
And in the house the disciples asked him again about this matter.
Later, when he was alone with his disciples in the house, they brought up the subject again.

What does Mark 10:10 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Mark 10:10

And in the house
To which Christ retired, after he had put the Pharisees to silence, and dismissed the multitude:

his disciples asked him again of the same matter;
concerning the affair of divorces, he had been discoursing with the Pharisees about; some things being said, they had not been used to, and which they did not thoroughly understand; and therefore chose privately to converse with him on this subject, for their further information.

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