Mark 2:11

11 “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.”

Mark 2:11 in Other Translations

King James Version (KJV)
11 I say unto thee,Arise, and take up thy bed, and go thy way into thine house.
English Standard Version (ESV)
11 "I say to you, rise, pick up your bed, and go home."
New Living Translation (NLT)
11 “Stand up, pick up your mat, and go home!”
The Message Bible (MSG)
11 "Get up. Pick up your stretcher and go home."
American Standard Version (ASV)
11 I say unto thee, Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thy house.
GOD'S WORD Translation (GW)
11 "I'm telling you to get up, pick up your cot, and go home!"
Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB)
11 "I tell you: get up, pick up your stretcher, and go home."
New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
11 "I tell you," he said, "get up. Take your mat and go home."

Mark 2:11 Meaning and Commentary

Mark 2:11

I say unto thee, arise, and take up thy bed
He bid him, in an authoritative way to arise from his bed, in which he was brought, and on which he lay before him, and take it up upon his shoulders, directly, and in the face of all the people, carry it away:

and go thy way into thine house;
to show himself whole to his family and friends, and go about his business; (See Gill on Matthew 9:6),

Mark 2:11 In-Context

9 Which is easier: to say to this paralyzed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’?
10 But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” So he said to the man,
11 “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.”
12 He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”
13 Once again Jesus went out beside the lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them.
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