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Matthew 20:24

24 When the ten heard about this, they were indignant with the two brothers.

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And when the ten heard it, they were moved with indignation against the two brethren.
And when the ten heard it, they were indignant at the two brothers.
When the ten other disciples heard what James and John had asked, they were indignant.

What does Matthew 20:24 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Matthew 20:24

And when they ten heard it
The other ten apostles, who either were within hearing the request made, and Christ's answer, or had by some means information of it:

they were moved with indignation against the two brethren;
the two sons of Zebedee, James and John: they were not so much displeased with the mother of them, who asked the favour for them, as with her sons, knowing that they have put her upon making this motion to Christ; nor were they so much moved with indignation at the action, detesting all notions of superiority and preeminence; for they were all tinctured with the same carnal principle, and each was desirous of the chief place for himself; but they were angry, and out of all temper, that these two brethren should move for that, which they thought they had as good a right unto, as any of them: wherefore, as Mark says, "they began to be much displeased with" them, and to show their resentment, not only by their looks and gestures, but by words; and very probably they would have rose to very high words, and a downright quarrel, had not Christ interposed; as, from the following verse, it appears he did.

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