1 Chronicles 2:28

28 The sons of Onam: Shammai and Jada.

1 Chronicles 2:28 Meaning and Commentary

1 Chronicles 2:28

And the sons of Onam
The son of Jerahmeel by his other wife:

were Shammai and Jada. And the sons of Shammai; Nadab, and Abishur;
whose posterity are mentioned in the two following verses.

1 Chronicles 2:28 In-Context

26 Jerahmeel had another wife whose name was Atarah; she gave birth to Onam.
27 The sons of Ram, Jerahmeel's firstborn: Maaz, Jamin, and Eker.
28 The sons of Onam: Shammai and Jada.
29 Abishur's wife was Abihail; she gave birth to Ahban and Molid.
30 Nadab had Seled and Appaim. Seled died leaving no sons.
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