1 John 5:5

5 The person who wins out over the world's ways is simply the one who believes Jesus is the Son of God.

1 John 5:5 Meaning and Commentary

1 John 5:5

Who is he that overcometh the world
This question carries in it a strong affirmation, that no other person is the conqueror of the world:

but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?
and this points out what that faith is which obtains the victory over the world; and shows that it is not that trust and confidence which has a man's self, or any mere creature, thing, or person, for its object, but only Jesus Christ, and that as he is the Son of God; and which is not a mere assent to such a proposition, to which devils and unregenerate persons may assent, and do; but it is a seeing of the Son in the glory, fulness, and suitableness of his person, office, and grace; a going to him, being drawn by the Father; and a living upon him as the Son of God, and trusting in him for life, righteousness, and salvation: and this shows, that the victory over the world is not owing to faith itself, but to its object Christ, who has overcome it, and makes true believers in him more than conquerors over it.

1 John 5:5 In-Context

3 The proof that we love God comes when we keep his commandments and they are not at all troublesome.
4 Every God-begotten person conquers the world's ways. The conquering power that brings the world to its knees is our faith.
5 The person who wins out over the world's ways is simply the one who believes Jesus is the Son of God.
6 Jesus - the Divine Christ! He experienced a life-giving birth and a death-killing death. Not only birth from the womb, but baptismal birth of his ministry and sacrificial death. And all the while the Spirit is confirming the truth, the reality of God's presence at Jesus' baptism and crucifixion, bringing those occasions alive for us.[(s15.7)] A triple testimony:
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