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Acts 18:12-17

12 But when Gallio was governor of Achaia province, the Jews got up a campaign against Paul, hauled him into court,
13 and filed chcrges: "This man is seducing people into acts of worship that are illegal."
14 Just as Paul was about to defend himself, Gallio interrupted and said to the Jews, "If this was a matter of criminal conduct, I would gladly hear you out.
15 But it sounds to me like one more Jewish squabble, another of your endless hairsplitting quarrels over religion. Take care of it on your own time. I can't be bothered with this nonsense,"
16 and he cleared them out of the courtroom.
17 Now the street rabble turned on Sosthenes, the new meeting-place president, and beat him up in plain sight of the court. Gallio didn't raise a finger. He could not have cared less.
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