John 9:24

24 They called the man back a second time - the man who had been blind - and told him, "Give credit to God. We know this man is an impostor."

John 9:24 Meaning and Commentary

John 9:24

Then again called they the man that was blind
That had been blind. After they had examined his parents, and could get nothing from them for their purpose, they try a second time what they could do with the son:

and said unto him, give God the praise;
a phrase used when confession of sin was required; see ( Joshua 7:19 ) ; and this may be the meaning of it here; confess this fraud and imposture before the omniscient God, the searcher of hearts, and in so doing glorify that perfection of his. One and the same word, (hdy) , signifies both to confess the truth of anything, as a sinful action, ( Proverbs 28:13 ) , and to give thanks and praise to God for any mercy and blessing, ( Psalms 45:17 ) ( Daniel 2:23 ) . Some take this to be the form of an oath, and that the Pharisees adjured the than by the living God, that he would tell the truth, and discover the cheat and collusion used in this affair of receiving his sight; and thought hereby to have deterred him from speaking of this benefit he had received from Christ, especially in such a manner as to reflect any honour upon the author of it. Or the sense may be, if this really is matter of fact, that thou wast born blind, and hast received thy sight by the means of this man, give all the glory of it to God, to whom alone it is due, and not to him. God sometimes works by wicked instruments, when the glory of what is done ought not to be ascribed to them, but to him.

We know that this man is a sinner;
this they concluded from his breaking the sabbath, as they supposed; though they also aspersed his character, and accused him of other things, yet falsely; see ( Matthew 11:19 ) ( Luke 23:2 ) ; nor could they prove one single instance of sin in him, though they express themselves here with so much assurance.

John 9:24 In-Context

22 (His parents were talking like this because they were intimidated by the Jewish leaders, who had already decided that anyone who took a stand that this was the Messiah would be kicked out of the meeting place.
23 That's why his parents said, "Ask him. He's a grown man.")
24 They called the man back a second time - the man who had been blind - and told him, "Give credit to God. We know this man is an impostor."
25 He replied, "I know nothing about that one way or the other. But I know one thing for sure: I was blind . . . I now see."
26 They said, "What did he do to you? How did he open your eyes?"
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