Leviticus 22:14

14 "If anyone eats from a holy offering accidentally, he must give back the holy offering to the priest and add twenty percent to it.

Leviticus 22:14 Meaning and Commentary

Leviticus 22:14

And if a man eat [of] the holy thing unwittingly
Either not knowing that it is an holy thing, or the heave offering, or any thing of that kind; or else is ignorant of the punishment of such an action, as Gersom observes; and this is to be understood of any man that was not a priest, or was not of the priest's family, even any common Israelite; so the Targum of Jonathan, a man of Israel, or an Israelite, one of the common people: then he shall put a fifth part thereof unto it;
a fifth part of the value of what he has eaten, to an equivalent for the whole, that is, he shall pay the full value for what he has eaten, and a fifth part besides: and shall give [it] to the priest with the holy thing;
the meaning is, that he shall give the fifth part to the priest, with the equivalent for what he has eaten; for he could not give the holy thing itself, but a compensation for it; according to Gersom, he was to give the principal to the priest, whose the holy thing was he ate of, and the fifth part he might give to what priest he would. The Jewish canon, concerning this matter, runs thus; he that ignorantly eats the heave offering pays the principal, and the fifth part; and the same, either he that eats, or drinks, or anoints; and whether the heave offering be clean or unclean, he pays the fifth, and the fifth of the fifth; and he does not pay the heave offering but of common things, rightly ordered, and they become an heave offering, and the compensation of it; and if the priest would forgive, he may not F16.


F16 Misn. Trumot, c. 6. sect. 1.

Leviticus 22:14 In-Context

12 If a priest's daughter marries a layperson, she may no longer eat from the holy contributions.
13 But if the priest's daughter is widowed or divorced and without children and returns to her father's household as before, she may eat of her father's food. But no layperson may eat of it.
14 "If anyone eats from a holy offering accidentally, he must give back the holy offering to the priest and add twenty percent to it.
15 "The priests must not treat with irreverence the holy offerings of the Israelites that they contribute to God
16 lest they desecrate themselves and make themselves guilty when they eat the holy offerings. I am God who makes them holy."
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