Leviticus 11:40-47

40 If you eat some of the carcass you must wash your clothes and you are unclean until evening. If you pick up the carcass you must wash your clothes and are unclean until evening.
41 "Creatures that crawl on the ground are detestable and not to be eaten.
42 Don't eat creatures that crawl on the ground, whether on their belly or on all fours or on many feet - they are detestable.
43 Don't make yourselves unclean or be defiled by them, because I am your God.
44 "Make yourselves holy for I am holy. Don't make yourselves ritually unclean by any creature that crawls on the ground.
45 I am God who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Be holy because I am holy.
46 "These are the instructions on animals, birds, fish, and creatures that crawl on the ground.
47 You have to distinguish between the ritually unclean and the clean, between living creatures that can be eaten and those that cannot be eaten."
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