Nehemiah 5:2

2 Some said, "We have big families, and we need food just to survive."

Nehemiah 5:2 Meaning and Commentary

Nehemiah 5:2

For there were that said, we, our sons, and our daughters, are
Not that they complained of the number of their children, for a numerous offspring was always reckoned a blessing with the Jews; but this they observed to show that their families, being large, required a considerable quantity of food to support them:

therefore we take up corn for them, that we may eat and live;
that is, they were obliged to take it at an exorbitant price, which is the thing complained of; or otherwise they must starve, the rich taking the advantage of their poverty and present dearth.

Nehemiah 5:2 In-Context

1 A great protest was mounted by the people, including the wives, against their fellow Jews.
2 Some said, "We have big families, and we need food just to survive."
3 Others said, "We're having to mortgage our fields and vineyards and homes to get enough grain to keep from starving."
4 And others said, "We're having to borrow money to pay the royal tax on our fields and vineyards.
5 Look: We're the same flesh and blood as our brothers here; our children are just as good as theirs. Yet here we are having to sell our children off as slaves - some of our daughters have already been sold - and we can't do anything about it because our fields and vineyards are owned by somebody else."
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