Proverbs 18:12

12 Pride first, then the crash, but humility is precursor to honor.

Proverbs 18:12 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 18:12

Before destruction the heart of man is haughty
Lifted up with his riches. Rich men are apt to be highminded, and therefore are to be charged and cautioned against it; they are apt to look above their poor neighbours, and with contempt upon them; and very often this haughtiness of theirs is a presage of their ruin and destruction: and those haughty airs are put on from the pride of their hearts, when a "breach" is near, as the word F21 signifies, or when they are ready to break; however, their haughty spirits are, sooner or later, humbled by one distressing providence or another; see ( Proverbs 16:18 ) ; and before honour [is] humility; (See Gill on Proverbs 15:33).


F21 (rbv ynpl) "ante confractionem", Junius & Tremellius, Piscator, Cocceius, Schultens.

Proverbs 18:12 In-Context

10 God's name is a place of protection - good people can run there and be safe.
11 The rich think their wealth protects them; they imagine themselves safe behind it.
12 Pride first, then the crash, but humility is precursor to honor.
13 Answering before listening is both stupid and rude.
14 A healthy spirit conquers adversity, but what can you do when the spirit is crushed?
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