Proverbs 21:12

12 A God-loyal person will see right through the wicked and undo the evil they've planned.

Proverbs 21:12 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 21:12

The righteous [man] wisely considereth the house of the
Not so much the stately palace he lives in, and the furniture of it, as the glory, splendour, riches, and largeness of his family; the flourishing condition he and they are in: he considers how they came into it, the short continuance of it, and what the end will be, which in a short time wilt be ruin and destruction; and therefore be does not envy their present happiness, or fret at it. Gersom renders it,

``the righteous maketh the house of the wicked to prosper;''
as Joseph did Potiphar's, and Jacob Laban's; or rather the Lord made them to prosper for their sakes. Jarchi interprets the righteous of God himself; who gives his heart, or has it in his heart to cut off the house of the wicked, as follows; [but God] overthroweth the wicked for [their] wickedness;
or removes them into evil, as the Targum; into the evil of punishment, for the evil of sin. Aben Ezra supplies the word "God", as we do; and understands it of God's destroying wicked men for their sins, though they have flourished for a while in this world: but some interpret it of the righteous man, even of a righteous magistrate, who is prudent and diligent in his office; who looks into the houses of wicked men, and inquires who they are that are in them, and how they live; and what they have in their houses, whether stolen goods, the properties of others; or arms, either for treasonable practices or for robberies; and takes them and punishes them according to the laws of God and men.

Proverbs 21:12 In-Context

10 Wicked souls love to make trouble; they feel nothing for friends and neighbors.
11 Simpletons only learn the hard way, but the wise learn by listening.
12 A God-loyal person will see right through the wicked and undo the evil they've planned.
13 If you stop your ears to the cries of the poor, your cries will go unheard, unanswered.
14 A quietly given gift soothes an irritable person; a heartfelt present cools a hot temper.