Proverbs 8:16

16 With my help, governors govern, along with all in legitimate authority.

Proverbs 8:16 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 8:16

By me princes rule
All governors of provinces and cities, who are under the king as supreme; the discharge of whose office in a right manner requires much wisdom, prudence, justice, and integrity; all which they have from Christ, as well as their power of ruling, that rule well; and nobles, [even] all the judges of the earth;
the word F5 for nobles signifies persons of a "free" spirit, generous, bountiful men; such as are called "benefactors", ( Luke 22:25 ) ; so one of the Ptolemys, king of Egypt, was called Evergetes. Such who govern, not in a cruel and rigorous manner, but with clemency and gentleness; who, as they are "free" and noble themselves, their subjects are a free people, and enjoy their privileges and liberties fully and quietly. And "the judges of the earth" are such, as sit on benches of justice, hear and try causes, and pass sentence on men; which requires great skill and knowledge, and much faithfulness and integrity, which all that perform their office aright have from Christ. How great therefore must he be! how wise and just! from whom all rulers, supreme and subordinate, have their power; prudence, generosity, and justice!


F5 (Mybydn) "munifici sive liberales", Vatablus; "ingenui", Junius & Tremellius, Gejerus; "munifici", Piscator; "generosi", Schultens.

Proverbs 8:16 In-Context

14 Good counsel and common sense are my characteristics; I am both Insight and the Virtue to live it out.
15 With my help, leaders rule, and lawmakers legislate fairly;
16 With my help, governors govern, along with all in legitimate authority.
17 I love those who love me; those who look for me find me.
18 Wealth and Glory accompany me - also substantial Honor and a Good Name.
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