Psalms 132:9

9 Get your priests all dressed up in justice; prompt your worshipers to sing this prayer:

Psalms 132:9 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 132:9

Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness
In ( 2 Chronicles 6:41 ) ; it is, "with salvation", as in ( Psalms 132:16 ) . Either the ministers of the word; who may be said to be clothed with righteousness when they perform their work righteously, and faithfully dispense the word, keep back nothing that is profitable, and administer the ordinances according to the rules of Christ; and when their lives and conversations are agreeable to the Gospel they preach; see ( Job 29:14 ) ; or else all true believers; who are priests as well as kings unto God; and who are clothed with the robe of Christ's righteousness; and with the internal graces of the Spirit, the new man created in righteousness and true holiness; and with conversation garments, becoming the Gospel, and their profession of it;

and let thy saints shout for joy;
the Levites; thy Holy Ones, as the Targum; so Kimchi, Arama, and others; the singers in the temple: but rather the Lord's sanctified ones, true believers under the Gospel dispensation, are meant; who shout for joy, and have reason so to do, at the incarnation of Christ, at his ascension to heaven, at the Gospel preached by his ministers, and at the robe of righteousness with which they are clothed. In ( 2 Chronicles 6:41 ) it is, "rejoice in goodness"; in the goodness of the Lord; in the good things bestowed on them, or promised to them.

Psalms 132:9 In-Context

7 We shouted, "Let's go to the shrine dedication! Let's worship at God's own footstool!"
8 Up, God, enjoy your new place of quiet repose, you and your mighty covenant ark;
9 Get your priests all dressed up in justice; prompt your worshipers to sing this prayer:
10 "Honor your servant David; don't disdain your anointed one."
11 God gave David his word, he won't back out on this promise: "One of your sons I will set on your throne;
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