Psalms 146:10

10 God's in charge - always. Zion's God is God for good! Hallelujah!

Psalms 146:10 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 146:10

The Lord shall reign for ever
The Messiah, who is King of kings and Lord of lords; and in this he is superior to, them, they reign but for a while, but he for evermore; the throne of majesty and glory on which he sits is for ever and ever; his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; of his government, and the peace of it, there will be no end; he is King of saints now, and reigns in their hearts, and in his churches, and in the world; and he will reign with his people, and they with him, a thousand years on earth; and then they will reign together to all eternity; see ( Psalms 14:6 ) ( Isaiah 9:7 ) ( Daniel 2:44 ) . Both Jarchi and Kimchi refer this to the Messiah and his kingdom; the note of the former is,

``he shall confirm his kingdom in the redemption or salvation of his children;''
and of the latter,
``it shall be said he is King over all, after he has executed judgment on the wicked in the valley of Jehoshaphat;''
[even] thy God, O Zion, unto, all generations;
he who is Zion's God is Zion's King, head over all things to the church; and this is her joy and comfort in every age, that her God and her King reigns, and will reign for evermore; and especially in a glorious manner in the latter day; see ( Isaiah 52:7 ) ; and as all this is a solid ground and foundation of truth in the Lord, and serves to encourage saints to make him their help and hope; and shows how happy they are that have him as such; so it is matter of praise and thanksgiving: hence it follows, praise ye the Lord;
or "hallelujah"; and so the psalm ends as it began.

Psalms 146:10 In-Context

8 he gives sight to the blind, he lifts up the fallen.
9 protects strangers, takes the side of orphans and widows, but makes short work of the wicked.
10 God's in charge - always. Zion's God is God for good! Hallelujah!
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