Psalms 22:8

8 "Let's see how God handles this one; since God likes him so much, let him help him!"

Psalms 22:8 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 22:8

He trusted on the Lord, [that] he would deliver him
Not that they spoke in a deriding way of the object of his trust, for, as impious as they were, this they did not do; but of his trust in the Lord, which they looked upon to be a false one, as would appear by his not being delivered, as he trusted; but his confidence was a well grounded one, though jeered at by these men, and he was delivered in the Lord's own time and way from all his enemies, and out of all his troubles;

let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him;
this is another ironical sarcastic flout, not at God, but at Christ, and at his profession of trust in God, his claim of interest in his favour, and of relation to him as being the Son of his love, in whom he was well pleased; he always was the delight of his Father; he expressed his well pleasedness in him at his baptism, and transfiguration on the mount; he took pleasure in him while he was suffering and dying in the room and stead of his people; and he delivered him, raised him from the dead, and brought him into a large place, because he delighted in him, ( Psalms 18:19 ) ; These very words were said by the Jews concerning Christ, as he hung upon the cross, ( Matthew 27:43 ) .

Psalms 22:8 In-Context

6 And here I am, a nothing - an earthworm, something to step on, to squash.
7 Everyone pokes fun at me; they make faces at me, they shake their heads:
8 "Let's see how God handles this one; since God likes him so much, let him help him!"
9 And to think you were midwife at my birth, setting me at my mother's breasts!
10 When I left the womb you cradled me; since the moment of birth you've been my God.