Psalms 74:4

4 While your people were at worship, your enemies barged in, brawling and scrawling graffiti.

Psalms 74:4 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 74:4

Thine enemies roar in the midst of thy congregations
Particular churches, gathered out of the world in Gospel order, and which meet together at particular times and places; in the midst of these, and against them their enemies, and who are the Lord's enemies, roar like lions, as Satan, and bloody persecutors, and particularly antichrist, whose mouth is the mouth of a lion, which is opened in blasphemy against God and his people, ( Revelation 13:2 Revelation 13:5 Revelation 13:6 ) ,

they set up their ensigns for signs;
or "signs", "signs", false ones for true ones; meaning either military signs, as the Roman eagle, set as signs and trophies of victory; or idolatrous statues and images, such an one as Antiochus brought into the temple; or false miracles and antichristian marks, in the room of true miracles, and the true mark of Christ's followers; see ( 2 Thessalonians 2:9 ) ( Revelation 13:14 Revelation 13:16 ) ( 14:1 ) . The Jewish writers generally interpret it of the divinations and superstitions rites used by the king of Babylon, when he was coming up against Jerusalem, ( Ezekiel 21:21 ) .

Psalms 74:4 In-Context

2 Refresh your memory of us - you bought us a long time ago. Your most precious tribe - you paid a good price for us! Your very own Mount Zion - you actually lived here once!
3 Come and visit the site of disaster, see how they've wrecked the sanctuary.
4 While your people were at worship, your enemies barged in, brawling and scrawling graffiti.
5 They set fire to the porch; axes swinging, they chopped up the woodwork,
6 Beat down the doors with sledgehammers, then split them into kindling.
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