Psalms 86:4

4 Give your servant a happy life; I put myself in your hands!

Psalms 86:4 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 86:4

Rejoice the soul of thy servant
With the discoveries of love, of pardoning grace, and mercy, before made sad with sin or sufferings; and with the light of God's countenance, before troubled with the hidings of his face: this may be applied to Christ, in sorrowful circumstances, who was made full of joy with his Father's countenance, ( Matthew 26:37 Matthew 26:38 ) ( Acts 2:28 )

for unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul:
in prayer, as the Targum adds; and it denotes the devotion, fervency, heartiness, and sincerity, of his prayer; the doing of it with a true heart, the lifting up of the heart with the hands unto God, ( Lamentations 3:41 ) or by way of offering unto the Lord, not the body only, but the soul or heart also; or as a depositum committed into his hands; so Christ lifted up his eyes, and his heart and soul, to his divine Father; and also made his soul an offering for sin, and at death commended his spirit into his hands, ( John 17:1 ) ( Isaiah 53:10 ) ( Luke 23:46 ) , (See Gill on Psalms 25:1).

Psalms 86:4 In-Context

2 Keep me safe - haven't I lived a good life? Help your servant - I'm depending on you!
3 You're my God; have mercy on me. I count on you from morning to night.
4 Give your servant a happy life; I put myself in your hands!
5 You're well-known as good and forgiving, bighearted to all who ask for help.
6 Pay attention, God, to my prayer; bend down and listen to my cry for help.
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