Psalms 91:12

12 If you stumble, they'll catch you; their job is to keep you from falling.

Psalms 91:12 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 91:12

They shall bear thee up in their hands
Which denotes the strength and power of angels to carry the saints in their hands; their tender care of them, such as a parent or nurse have of children; the helpless condition of the people of God, who are like infants, and need to be dealt with after this manner; the condescension of angels to take such an office on them, in submission to the will of God; the constant view they have of the saints, being always in their hands, and so in sight: thus they bear them, up in life, and at death carry their souls to Abraham's bosom:

lest thou dash thy foot against a stone;
lest they fall into sin, or into any calamity and distress; lest the least hurt or mischief befall them, or the least injury be done them; see ( Proverbs 3:23 ) . The Targum interprets it of the evil concupiscence, or corruption of nature, which is like a stone; see ( Ezekiel 36:26 ) .

Psalms 91:12 In-Context

10 Evil can't get close to you, harm can't get through the door.
11 He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go.
12 If you stumble, they'll catch you; their job is to keep you from falling.
13 You'll walk unharmed among lions and snakes, and kick young lions and serpents from the path.
14 "If you'll hold on to me for dear life," says God, "I'll get you out of any trouble. I'll give you the best of care if you'll only get to know and trust me.
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