25 You built a place of worship at the beginning of every street. You made your beauty hateful, offering your body for sex to anyone who passed by, so your sexual sins became worse and worse.
26 You also had sexual relations with the Egyptians, who were your neighbors and partners in sexual sin. Your sexual sins became even worse, and they caused me to be angry.
27 So then, I used my power against you and took away some of your land. I let you be defeated by those who hate you, the Philistine women, who were ashamed of your evil ways.
28 Also, you had sexual relations with the Assyrians, because you could not be satisfied. Even though you had sexual relations with them, you still were not satisfied.
29 You did many more sexual sins in Babylonia, the land of traders, but even this did not satisfy you.
30 "'Truly your will is weak, says the Lord God. You do all the things a stubborn prostitute does.
31 You built your place to worship gods at the beginning of every street, and you made places of worship in every city square. But you were not like a prostitute when you refused to accept payment.
32 "'You are a wife who is guilty of adultery. You desire strangers instead of your husband.
33 Men pay prostitutes, but you pay all your lovers to come to you. And they come from all around for sexual relations.
34 So you are different from other prostitutes. No man asks you to be a prostitute, and you pay money instead of having money paid to you. Yes, you are different.
35 "'So, prostitute, hear the word of the Lord.