Psalms 71

1 In you, Lord, is my protection. Never let me be ashamed.
2 Because you do what is right, save and rescue me; listen to me and save me.
3 Be my place of safety where I can always come. Give the command to save me, because you are my rock and my strong, walled city.
4 My God, save me from the power of the wicked and from the hold of evil and cruel people.
5 Lord, you are my hope. Lord, I have trusted you since I was young.
6 I have depended on you since I was born; you helped me even on the day of my birth. I will always praise you.
7 I am an example to many people, because you are my strong protection.
8 I am always praising you; all day long I honor you.
9 Do not reject me when I am old; do not leave me when my strength is gone.
10 My enemies make plans against me, and they meet together to kill me.
11 They say, "God has left him. Go after him and take him, because no one will save him."
12 God, don't be far off. My God, hurry to help me.
13 Let those who accuse me be ashamed and destroyed. Let those who are trying to hurt me be covered with shame and disgrace.
14 But I will always have hope and will praise you more and more.
15 I will tell how you do what is right. I will tell about your salvation all day long, even though it is more than I can tell.
16 I will come and tell about your powerful works, Lord God. I will remind people that only you do what is right.
17 God, you have taught me since I was young. To this day I tell about the miracles you do.
18 Even though I am old and gray, do not leave me, God. I will tell the children about your power; I will tell those who live after me about your might.
19 God, your justice reaches to the skies. You have done great things; God, there is no one like you.
20 You have given me many troubles and bad times, but you will give me life again. When I am almost dead, you will keep me alive.
21 You will make me greater than ever, and you will comfort me again.
22 I will praise you with the harp. I trust you, my God. I will sing to you with the lyre, Holy One of Israel.
23 I will shout for joy when I sing praises to you. You have saved me.
24 I will tell about your justice all day long. And those who want to hurt me will be ashamed and disgraced. Of Solomon.

Psalms 71 Commentary

Chapter 71

Prayers that God would deliver and save. (1-13) Believing praises. (14-24)

Verses 1-13 David prays that he might never be made ashamed of dependence upon God. With this petition every true believer may come boldly to the throne of grace. The gracious care of Divine providence in our birth and infancy, should engage us to early piety. He that was our Help from our birth, ought to be our Hope from our youth. Let none expect ease or comfort from the world. Those who love the Lord, often are hated and persecuted; men wondered at for their principles and conduct; but the Lord has been their strong refuge. The faithful servants of God may be assured that he will not cast them off in old age, nor forsake them when their strength fails.

Verses 14-24 The psalmist declares that the righteousness of Christ, and the great salvation obtained thereby, shall be the chosen subject of his discourse. Not on a sabbath only, but on every day of the week, of the year, of his life. Not merely at stated returns of solemn devotion, but on every occasion, all the day long. Why will he always dwell on this? Because he knew not the numbers thereof. It is impossible to measure the value or the fulness of these blessings. The righteousness is unspeakable, the salvation everlasting. God will not cast off his grey-headed servants when no longer capable of labouring as they have done. The Lord often strengthens his people in their souls, when nature is sinking into decay. And it is a debt which the old disciples of Christ owe to succeeding generations, to leave behind them a solemn testimony to the advantage of religion, and the truth of God's promises; and especially to the everlasting righteousness of the Redeemer. Assured of deliverance and victory, let us spend our days, while waiting the approach of death, in praising the Holy One of Israel with all our powers. And while speaking of his righteousness, and singing his praises, we shall rise above fears and infirmities, and have earnests of the joys of heaven. The work of redemption ought, above all God's works, to be spoken of by us in our praises. The Lamb that was slain, and has redeemed us to God, is worthy of all blessing and praise.

Chapter Summary


This psalm is without a title, but is thought to be David's: the Septuagint and Vulgate Latin versions, and all the Oriental ones, ascribe it to him; and both the subject and style show it to be his. According to the title of the Syriac version, it was composed by him when Saul made war against the house of David; but this is not likely, since it was written by him in his old age, Ps 71:9,18; rather, according to Kimchi and Arama, it was penned when he fled from his son Absalom: there are several things in it which incline to this. The Septuagint and Vulgate Latin versions call it

``A Psalm of David, of the sons of Jonadab, and of the first that were carried captive;''

and so the Ethiopic and Arabic versions. Apollinarius says the sons of Jonadab composed it; but without any foundation for it; and the Syriac version is, it is a prophecy concerning the sufferings and resurrection of the Messiah; and so Jerom and others interpret it. The literal meaning respecting David seems best, though it may be applied to the church, and to any believer in distress. Theodoret thinks it was written by David in the person of the captives in Babylon.

Psalms 71 Commentaries

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