Psalm 73

1 God is truly good to Israel, to those who have pure hearts.
2 But I had almost stopped believing; I had almost lost my faith
3 because I was jealous of proud people. I saw wicked people doing well.
4 They are not suffering; they are healthy and strong.
5 They don't have troubles like the rest of us; they don't have problems like other people.
6 They wear pride like a necklace and put on violence as their clothing.
7 They are looking for profits and do not control their selfish desires.
8 They make fun of others and speak evil; proudly they speak of hurting others.
9 They brag to the sky. They say that they own the earth.
10 So their people turn to them and give them whatever they want.
11 They say, "How can God know?
12 These people are wicked, always at ease, and getting richer.
13 So why have I kept my heart pure? Why have I kept my hands from doing wrong?
14 I have suffered all day long; I have been punished every morning.
15 God, if I had decided to talk like this, I would have let your people down.
16 I tried to understand all this, but it was too hard for me to see
17 until I went to the Temple of God. Then I understood what will happen to them.
18 You have put them in danger; you cause them to be destroyed.
19 They are destroyed in a moment; they are swept away by terrors.
20 It will be like waking from a dream. Lord, when you rise up, they will disappear.
21 When my heart was sad and I was angry,
22 I was senseless and stupid. I acted like an animal toward you.
23 But I am always with you; you have held my hand.
24 You guide me with your advice, and later you will receive me in honor.
25 I have no one in heaven but you; I want nothing on earth besides you.
26 My body and my mind may become weak, but God is my strength. He is mine forever.
27 Those who are far from God will die; you destroy those who are unfaithful.
28 But I am close to God, and that is good. The Lord God is my protection. I will tell all that you have done. A maskil of Asaph.
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