Job 9:28-35

28 Then I'd still be afraid I'd go on suffering. That's because I know you would say I had done something wrong.
29 In fact, you have already said I'm guilty. So why should I struggle without any reason?
30 Suppose I clean myself with soap. Suppose I wash my hands with cleanser.
31 Even then you would throw me into a muddy pit. And even my clothes would hate me.
32 "God isn't a man like me. I can't answer him. We can't take each other to court.
33 I wish someone would settle matters between us. I wish someone would force us to work things out.
34 I wish someone would keep God from punishing me. Then his terror wouldn't frighten me anymore.
35 I would speak up without being afraid of him. But as things stand now, I can't do that.
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