Proverbs 21:30

30 No wisdom, wise saying or plan can succeed against the Lord.

Proverbs 21:30 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 21:30

[There is] no wisdom nor understanding, nor counsel against
the Lord.
] No human schemes whatever, formed with the greatest wisdom and prudence, can ever prevail against God, or set aside or hinder the execution of any design of his; nothing that is pointed against his church, his cause, and interest, his truths and ordinances, in the issue shall succeed; all that are found fighters against him shall not prosper, let them be men of ever so much sagacity and wisdom; though there may be ever so many devices in a man's heart, and these ever so well planned, they shall never defeat the counsel of the Lord; see ( Proverbs 19:21 ) . The Targum is,

``there is no wisdom as God's;''
and so the Syriac version, "as the Lord's"; there is none like his, there is none to be compared with his; there is none of any value and worth but his; all is folly in comparison of that: or there is none "before the Lord" F14; no wisdom of the creature can stand before him, it presently vanishes and disappears.

F14 (hwhy dgnl) "in conspectu Jehovae", Gejerus; "coram Domino", Gussetius, p. 495.

Proverbs 21:30 In-Context

28 Witnesses who aren't honest will die. And anyone who listens to them will be destroyed forever.
29 A sinful man tries to look as if he were bold. But an honest person thinks about how he lives.
30 No wisdom, wise saying or plan can succeed against the Lord.
31 You can prepare a horse for the day of battle. But the power to win comes from the Lord.
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