Job 22:25

25 the Almighty himself will be your treasure. He will be your precious silver!

Job 22:25 Meaning and Commentary

Job 22:25

Yea, the Almighty shall be thy defence
In temporal things, secure the plenty of gold and silver possessed of; surround and protect by his providence, that there shall be no danger of the Sabeans and Chaldeans, or others, breaking in and stealing it away; and, in spirituals, preserve from all enemies, sin, Satan, and the world; be a wall of fire about him, his fortress, his tower, and place of defence; or keep him as in a garrison, through faith unto salvation; or, as others render the words, "and let the Almighty be", or "he shall be thy gold", or "golds" F15; all thy gold, the same word being used as in ( Job 22:24 ) ; treat earthly riches, gold and silver, with contempt, and reckon God to be thy truest riches: esteem him as gold, and more precious than that, and put thy confidence in him; his grace is compared to gold, for its lustre, value, and duration, and is more precious than gold that perisheth, ( Revelation 3:18 ) ( 1 Peter 1:7 ) ; the righteousness of Christ is, for its excellency, called the gold of Ophir, and clothing of wrought gold, ( Psalms 45:9 Psalms 45:13 ) ; and he himself is much more precious than the gold of Ophir, and the gain that comes by him than fine gold, ( Song of Solomon 5:11 ) ( Proverbs 3:14 Proverbs 3:15 ) ; the doctrines of the grace of God are comparable to gold, silver, and precious stones; yea, to be preferred unto them, ( 1 Corinthians 3:12 ) ( Psalms 19:11 ) ( 119:72 ) ( Proverbs 8:10 ) . God is instead of all riches to his people; and they that have an interest in him share in the riches of grace, and are entitled to the riches of glory; all are theirs:

and thou shall have plenty of silver;
or God shall be, or "let him be to thee silver of strength" F16; or instead of silver, which is the strength of men, in which they confide for business or war; but God is to his people infinitely more than what silver or gold can be to them.


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Job 22:25 In-Context

23 If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored— so clean up your life.
24 If you give up your lust for money and throw your precious gold into the river,
25 the Almighty himself will be your treasure. He will be your precious silver!
26 “Then you will take delight in the Almighty and look up to God.
27 You will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows to him.
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