Psalms 80; Psalms 81; Psalms 82; Psalms 83; Psalms 84; Psalms 85

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Psalms 80

1 Please listen, O Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph’s descendants like a flock. O God, enthroned above the cherubim, display your radiant glory
2 to Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh. Show us your mighty power. Come to rescue us!
3 Turn us again to yourself, O God. Make your face shine down upon us. Only then will we be saved.
4 O LORD God of Heaven’s Armies, how long will you be angry with our prayers?
5 You have fed us with sorrow and made us drink tears by the bucketful.
6 You have made us the scorn of neighboring nations. Our enemies treat us as a joke.
7 Turn us again to yourself, O God of Heaven’s Armies. Make your face shine down upon us. Only then will we be saved.
8 You brought us from Egypt like a grapevine; you drove away the pagan nations and transplanted us into your land.
9 You cleared the ground for us, and we took root and filled the land.
10 Our shade covered the mountains; our branches covered the mighty cedars.
11 We spread our branches west to the Mediterranean Sea; our shoots spread east to the Euphrates River.
12 But now, why have you broken down our walls so that all who pass by may steal our fruit?
13 The wild boar from the forest devours it, and the wild animals feed on it.
14 Come back, we beg you, O God of Heaven’s Armies. Look down from heaven and see our plight. Take care of this grapevine
15 that you yourself have planted, this son you have raised for yourself.
16 For we are chopped up and burned by our enemies. May they perish at the sight of your frown.
17 Strengthen the man you love, the son of your choice.
18 Then we will never abandon you again. Revive us so we can call on your name once more.
19 Turn us again to yourself, O LORD God of Heaven’s Armies. Make your face shine down upon us. Only then will we be saved.

Psalms 81

1 Sing praises to God, our strength. Sing to the God of Jacob.
2 Sing! Beat the tambourine. Play the sweet lyre and the harp.
3 Blow the ram’s horn at new moon, and again at full moon to call a festival!
4 For this is required by the decrees of Israel; it is a regulation of the God of Jacob.
5 He made it a law for Israel when he attacked Egypt to set us free. I heard an unknown voice say,
6 “Now I will take the load from your shoulders; I will free your hands from their heavy tasks.
7 You cried to me in trouble, and I saved you; I answered out of the thundercloud and tested your faith when there was no water at Meribah. Interlude
8 “Listen to me, O my people, while I give you stern warnings. O Israel, if you would only listen to me!
9 You must never have a foreign god; you must not bow down before a false god.
10 For it was I, the LORD your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.
11 “But no, my people wouldn’t listen. Israel did not want me around.
12 So I let them follow their own stubborn desires, living according to their own ideas.
13 Oh, that my people would listen to me! Oh, that Israel would follow me, walking in my paths!
14 How quickly I would then subdue their enemies! How soon my hands would be upon their foes!
15 Those who hate the LORD would cringe before him; they would be doomed forever.
16 But I would feed you with the finest wheat. I would satisfy you with wild honey from the rock.”

Psalms 82

1 God presides over heaven’s court; he pronounces judgment on the heavenly beings:
2 “How long will you hand down unjust decisions by favoring the wicked? Interlude
3 “Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.
4 Rescue the poor and helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people.
5 But these oppressors know nothing; they are so ignorant! They wander about in darkness, while the whole world is shaken to the core.
6 I say, ‘You are gods; you are all children of the Most High.
7 But you will die like mere mortals and fall like every other ruler.’”
8 Rise up, O God, and judge the earth, for all the nations belong to you.

Psalms 83

1 O God, do not be silent! Do not be deaf. Do not be quiet, O God.
2 Don’t you hear the uproar of your enemies? Don’t you see that your arrogant enemies are rising up?
3 They devise crafty schemes against your people; they conspire against your precious ones.
4 “Come,” they say, “let us wipe out Israel as a nation. We will destroy the very memory of its existence.”
5 Yes, this was their unanimous decision. They signed a treaty as allies against you—
6 these Edomites and Ishmaelites; Moabites and Hagrites;
7 Gebalites, Ammonites, and Amalekites; and people from Philistia and Tyre.
8 Assyria has joined them, too, and is allied with the descendants of Lot. Interlude
9 Do to them as you did to the Midianites and as you did to Sisera and Jabin at the Kishon River.
10 They were destroyed at Endor, and their decaying corpses fertilized the soil.
11 Let their mighty nobles die as Oreb and Zeeb did. Let all their princes die like Zebah and Zalmunna,
12 for they said, “Let us seize for our own use these pasturelands of God!”
13 O my God, scatter them like tumbleweed, like chaff before the wind!
14 As a fire burns a forest and as a flame sets mountains ablaze,
15 chase them with your fierce storm; terrify them with your tempest.
16 Utterly disgrace them until they submit to your name, O LORD .
17 Let them be ashamed and terrified forever. Let them die in disgrace.
18 Then they will learn that you alone are called the LORD, that you alone are the Most High, supreme over all the earth.

Psalms 84

1 How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD of Heaven’s Armies.
2 I long, yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the LORD . With my whole being, body and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God.
3 Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place near your altar, O LORD of Heaven’s Armies, my King and my God!
4 What joy for those who can live in your house, always singing your praises. Interlude
5 What joy for those whose strength comes from the LORD, who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
6 When they walk through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs. The autumn rains will clothe it with blessings.
7 They will continue to grow stronger, and each of them will appear before God in Jerusalem.
8 O LORD God of Heaven’s Armies, hear my prayer. Listen, O God of Jacob. Interlude
9 O God, look with favor upon the king, our shield! Show favor to the one you have anointed.
10 A single day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else! I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of my God than live the good life in the homes of the wicked.
11 For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.
12 O LORD of Heaven’s Armies, what joy for those who trust in you.

Psalms 85

1 LORD, you poured out blessings on your land! You restored the fortunes of Israel.
2 You forgave the guilt of your people— yes, you covered all their sins. Interlude
3 You held back your fury. You kept back your blazing anger.
4 Now restore us again, O God of our salvation. Put aside your anger against us once more.
5 Will you be angry with us always? Will you prolong your wrath to all generations?
6 Won’t you revive us again, so your people can rejoice in you?
7 Show us your unfailing love, O LORD, and grant us your salvation.
8 I listen carefully to what God the LORD is saying, for he speaks peace to his faithful people. But let them not return to their foolish ways.
9 Surely his salvation is near to those who fear him, so our land will be filled with his glory.
10 Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed!
11 Truth springs up from the earth, and righteousness smiles down from heaven.
12 Yes, the LORD pours down his blessings. Our land will yield its bountiful harvest.
13 Righteousness goes as a herald before him, preparing the way for his steps.