Psalms 86:8

8 No pagan god is like you, O Lord. None can do what you do!

Psalms 86:8 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 86:8

Among the gods there is none like unto thee, O Lord
Among the angels of heaven, as the Targum, in the king's Bible; see ( Matthew 24:36 ) , and who are sometimes called gods, and among whom there is none like to the Lord; see ( Psalms 97:7 ) ( Hebrews 1:6 ) ( Psalms 89:6 ) or among civil magistrates, he being King of kings, and Lord of lords, the only Potentate; among whom he judges, over whom he presides, and whom he sets up and puts down at pleasure, ( Psalms 82:1-6 ) , or among all those that are named gods in heaven, or on earth, the nominal and fictitious gods of the Gentiles, who are vanity, and the work of error: the portion of Jacob is not like them, ( Jeremiah 10:15 Jeremiah 10:16 ) , there is none like him, for the perfections of his nature, his power, wisdom, faithfulness, holiness, justice, mercy, grace, and goodness; ( Exodus 15:11 ) ( Psalms 89:8 ) ( Psalms 113:5 Psalms 113:6 ) ( Micah 7:18 ) .

neither are there any works like unto thy works;
as the works of creation and providence, and those of redemption and grace, in which there is such a manifest display of the perfections of his nature, ( Deuteronomy 3:24 ) .

Psalms 86:8 In-Context

6 Listen closely to my prayer, O LORD ; hear my urgent cry.
7 I will call to you whenever I’m in trouble, and you will answer me.
8 No pagan god is like you, O Lord. None can do what you do!
9 All the nations you made will come and bow before you, Lord; they will praise your holy name.
10 For you are great and perform wonderful deeds. You alone are God.