Jeremiah 6:18

18 Therefore hear, O nations, and know, O congregation, what will happen to them.

Jeremiah 6:18 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 6:18

Therefore hear, ye nations
Since the Jews refused to hearken to the word of the Lord, the Gentiles are called upon to hear it, as in ( Acts 13:45 Acts 13:46 ) , this is a rebuke to the Jews, that the Gentiles would hear, when they would not: and know, O congregation;
either of Israel, as the Targum and Kimchi explain it; or of the nations of the world, the multitude of them; or the church of God in the midst of them: what is among them;
among the Jews: either what evil is among them; what sins and transgressions are committed by them; which were the cause of the Lord's threatening them with sore judgments, and bringing them upon them; so Jarchi and Kimchi interpret the words; to which agrees the Targum,

``and let the congregation of Israel know their sins;''
or the punishments the Lord inflicted on them: so the Vulgate Latin version, "and know, O congregation, what I will do unto them"; which sense is confirmed by what follows:

Jeremiah 6:18 In-Context

16 Thus says the Lord: Stand at the crossroads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. But they said, "We will not walk in it."
17 Also I raised up sentinels for you: "Give heed to the sound of the trumpet!" But they said, "We will not give heed."
18 Therefore hear, O nations, and know, O congregation, what will happen to them.
19 Hear, O earth; I am going to bring disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes, because they have not given heed to my words; and as for my teaching, they have rejected it.
20 Of what use to me is frankincense that comes from Sheba, or sweet cane from a distant land? Your burnt offerings are not acceptable, nor are your sacrifices pleasing to me.
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