Psalms 105:19

19 until what he had said came to pass, the word of the Lord kept testing him.

Psalms 105:19 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 105:19

Until the time that his word came
Either the word of Joseph, interpreting the dreams of the butler and baker, till that came to be fulfilled; so the Syriac version, "till his word was proved by the event": or rather till the fame and report of that came to Pharaoh's ears, ( Genesis 41:13 Genesis 41:14 ) , or else the word of the Lord, concerning his advancement and exaltation, signified in dreams to him, ( Genesis 37:7-10 ) , as it follows:

the word of the Lord tried him:
it tried his faith and patience before it was accomplished; and when it was, it purged him and purified him, as silver in a furnace, and cleared him of the imputation and calumny of his mistress; for, even in the view of Pharaoh, he appeared to be a man in whom the Spirit of God was, ( Genesis 41:38 ) . Some think that Christ, the essential Word, is intended, who came and visited him, tried and cleared him.

Psalms 105:19 In-Context

17 he had sent a man ahead of them, Joseph, who was sold as a slave.
18 His feet were hurt with fetters, his neck was put in a collar of iron;
19 until what he had said came to pass, the word of the Lord kept testing him.
20 The king sent and released him; the ruler of the peoples set him free.
21 He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his possessions,
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