Numbers 1:46

46 The total number was 603,550.

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Even all they that were numbered were six hundred thousand and three thousand and five hundred and fifty.
all those listed were 603,550.
The total number was 603,550.

What does Numbers 1:46 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Numbers 1:46

Even all they that were numbered
Of whom an account was taken, and their names set down in a book or register: were 603,550; which was exactly the number of them, when taken about seven months before this, when they were assessed for defraying the expenses of the tabernacle, ( Exodus 38:26 ) ; so that it should seem not one person had died during that time; for though there were three that died a violent death in that compass of time, yet two of them were of the tribe of Levi, not now numbered; and the other was not an Israelite by the father's side; see ( Leviticus 10:1 Leviticus 10:2 ) ( Leviticus 24:11 Leviticus 24:23 ) ; but it is not very probable, among such a vast number of people, that not one above twenty years of age should die in that time: some therefore are of opinion, that the tribe of Levi was numbered before, though not now; and that there was such an increase in that time among the other tribes as to equal the number of males of twenty years and upwards, in that tribe taken into the service of God, by which they were no losers.

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