Hechos 4:12

12 De hecho, en ningún otro hay salvación, porque no hay bajo el cielo otro nombre dado a los hombres mediante el cual podamos ser salvos.

Hechos 4:12 Meaning and Commentary

Acts 4:12

Neither is there salvation in any other
Meaning not corporeal healing, but spiritual and eternal salvation; the Syriac version renders it, neither is there (anqrwp) , "redemption in any other": Christ is the only Saviour and Redeemer, who was promised and prophesied of as such; who has saved and redeemed his people from the law, sin, and Satan; nor is salvation to be sought and hoped for from any other; not in a man's self, nor in any other creature, angels or men; not in and by his own works, and legal righteousness; not by obedience to the law of Moses, moral or ceremonial; nor by the light of nature, much less by an observance of the traditions of the elders: for there is none other name;
thing or person, be it ever so great, or whatever show of power and strength, of holiness and religion, it makes; as the name of kings, princes, and the great men in the world; or of ministers and preachers in the church; or even of Christians and believers, which may be only a name to live; none but the name of Jesus, his person, blood, and righteousness: under heaven:
throughout the whole earth, in all the nations and kingdoms of it; nor even in heaven itself, among all the mighty angels there, thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers; none but the Father and the Spirit, who are one with Christ: there is none but he given among men;
and he has been freely given by his Father, as an instance of his matchless love to the world; and also freely given by himself, to be a sacrifice for the sins of his people; and is freely preached among men, as the only Saviour of them; for there is no other, whereby we must be saved:
God resolved in his purposes and decrees, in his council and covenant, upon the salvation of his chosen people; and he appointed his Son to be the salvation of them, and determined he would save them by him, and by no other, and in no other way; wherefore, whoever are saved, must be saved by him, see ( Hosea 1:7 ) the Arabic version adds, "unless by him only".

Hechos 4:12 In-Context

10 Sepan, pues, todos ustedes y todo el pueblo de Israel que este hombre está aquí delante de ustedes, sano gracias al nombre de Jesucristo de Nazaret, crucificado por ustedes pero resucitado por Dios.
11 Jesucristo es“la piedra que desecharon ustedes los constructores,y que ha llegado a ser la piedra angular”.
12 De hecho, en ningún otro hay salvación, porque no hay bajo el cielo otro nombre dado a los hombres mediante el cual podamos ser salvos.
13 Los gobernantes, al ver la osadía con que hablaban Pedro y Juan, y al darse cuenta de que eran gente sin estudios ni preparación, quedaron asombrados y reconocieron que habían estado con Jesús.
14 Además, como vieron que los acompañaba el hombre que había sido sanado, no tenían nada que alegar.
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