Romanos 10:12

12 No hay diferencia entre judíos y gentiles, pues el mismo Señor es Señor de todos y bendice abundantemente a cuantos lo invocan,

Romanos 10:12 Meaning and Commentary

Romans 10:12

For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek,
&c.] Some reasons are here assigned, confirming the apostle's sense of the prophet's words, that everyone that believes in Christ shall be saved; for there is no distinction of nations, no superiority on account of carnal descent, or fleshly privileges, no preeminence on the score of the laws and ordinances of the former dispensation, all which are now abolished; nor is there any difference in their state God-ward, all being under sin, and without a righteousness, and all standing in need of the righteousness of Christ, and salvation by him; to which is added another reason,

for the same Lord over all,
or "is over all": by whom is meant, either God the Father, who is the God of the Gentiles as well as of the Jews, ( Romans 3:29 Romans 3:30 ) ; or rather the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all; and is to be understood, not of his being so merely by creation, but redemption, he having bought with his blood all the elect of God, both among the Jews and among the Gentiles; so that he has the same equal propriety in one as another, and they the same claim to him, and the same encouragement to believe in him, for righteousness and life: and moreover, he

is rich unto all that call upon him;
he is not only rich as God, being possessed of all divine perfections and glory, but as Mediator, having the riches of grace and glory in him; and is rich, beneficent, liberal and free in dispensing, pardoning, justifying, and sanctifying grace to all that come unto him, throw themselves at his feet, implore his grace and righteousness, and call upon him with faith and fervency. Such as these are here designed, and not all that make mention of his name, or are called by it; but who are the true worshippers of him in faith and fear; for the invocation of his name includes all worship of him, and exercise of grace upon him; hence this passage is no inconsiderable proof of his proper deity.

Romanos 10:12 In-Context

10 Porque con el corazón se cree para ser justificado, pero con la boca se confiesa para ser salvo.
11 Así dice la Escritura: «Todo el que confíe en él no será jamás defraudado».
12 No hay diferencia entre judíos y gentiles, pues el mismo Señor es Señor de todos y bendice abundantemente a cuantos lo invocan,
13 porque «todo el que invoque el nombre del Señor será salvo».
14 Ahora bien, ¿cómo invocarán a aquel en quien no han creído? ¿Y cómo creerán en aquel de quien no han oído? ¿Y cómo oirán si no hay quien les predique?
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