Hisgalus 4

1 After these things I looked, and, hinei, a delet (door) having been opened in Shomayim, the kol harishon [the first voice, 1:10], the voice like a shofar that I heard speaking to me, said, Come up here! And I will show you MAH DI LEHEVE ("what will happen," DANIEL 2:28f) after these things.
2 At once I was in the Ruach Hakodesh, and, hinei, there in Shomayim stood a Kes (Throne), and upon the Kes DEMUT KEMAREH ADAM ("a figure in appearance like a Man," YECHEZKEL 1:26-28), [MELACHIM ALEF 22:19; YESHAYAH 6:1; DANIEL 7:9]
3 And the One sitting there was KEMAREH ("in appearance") like jasper stone and carnelian, and a keshet beanan (rainbow, BERESHIS 9:16) was around the Kes (Throne) that looks like an emerald. [YECHEZKEL 1:28]
4 And around the Kes (Throne) were esrim v’arba’ah kisot (twenty-four thrones) and on the kisot were sitting esrim v’arba’ah Zekenim (twenty-four Elders, SHEMOT 12:21), each clothed in lavan (white), each wearing a kittel, and on the roshim (heads) of them, golden atarot (crowns).
5 And out of the Kes (Throne) comes forth lightning and sounds and thunders and there were sheva lapidei eish (torches of fire) burning before the Kes (Throne), which are the sheva ruchot (spirits, Rv 1:4) of Hashem [SHEMOT 19:16; ZECHARYAH 4:2].
6 And before the Kes (Throne) there was something like a sea of glass, like crystal. And on each side and around the Kes (Throne) there were Arbah Chayyot (four living beings), being full of eynayim in front and in back. [YECHEZKEL 1:5]
7 And harishonah (the first) of HaChayyot [the living beings, YECHEZKEL 1:10; 1:14] was like an aryeh (lion), and hasheniyah (the second) of HaChayyot (the living beings) like an egel (calf), and hashlishit (the third) of HaChayyot had the face of a ben Adam (human being), and hareve’it (fourth) of HaChayyot was like a flying nesher (eagle).
8 And the Arba HaChayyot (four living beings), each one of them had six wings and they were full of eynayim (eyes) without and within. And yomam valailah (day and night), they do not cease to rest but continue singing, KADOSH, KADOSH, KADOSH, ADONOI TZVAOT, the One who was and is and is to come. [YESHAYAH 6:3; YECHEZKEL 1:18; YESHAYAH 6:3]
9 And whenever the Chayyot will give kavod (glory) and hod (splendor) and hadar (majesty) and shevakh (praise) to the One sitting on the Kes (Throne), to Him that Hu Chai ad olemei olamim (that lives forever and ever), [TEHILLIM 47:8]
10 Then the esrim v’arba’ah Zekenim fall prostrate before the One sitting on the Kes (Throne) and worship the One that Hu Chai ad olemei olamim (lives forever and ever) and cast down their atarot (crowns) before the Kes (Throne), saying, [DEVARIM 33:3]
11 Worthy art Thou, Adoneinu and Eloheinu, to receive hod (honor) and hadar (splendor) and oz (power), because it was your "BARAH" that created all things, and because they existed and came to be by your ratzon (will). [BERESHIS 1:1]
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