Iyov 13

1 3 See, mine eye hath seen all this, mine ozen hath heard and understood it.
2 What ye know, of the same I have da’as also; I am not inferior unto you.
3 Surely I would speak to Shaddai, and I desire to reason with El (G-d).
4 But ye are forgers of sheker, ye are all rofim (physicians) of no value.
5 O that ye would altogether hold your peace! And it should be your chochmah.
6 Hear now my tokhachat (protest, public argumentation), and pay heed to the pleadings of my lips.
7 Will ye talk wickedly on behalf of El (G-d) and speak deceitfully for Him?
8 Will ye be partial to Him? Will ye play the part of the defense attorney for El?
9 Is it hatov that He should search you out? Or do you play the jester with Him, as one plays the jester with enosh?
10 He will surely reprove you, if ye do act with partiality beseter (secretly).
11 Shall not His majesty make you afraid? And the pachad of Him fall upon you?
12 Your zichron meshalim (memorable sayings) are like unto ashes, your defenses are strongholds of chomer (clay).
13 Hold your peace, let me alone, that Ani (I) may speak, and let come on me what will.
14 Why do I take my basar in my teeth, and take my nefesh in mine yad?
15 Though He slay me, yet will I wait for and trust in Him; but I will maintain my derech before Him.
16 He also shall be my Yeshuah (salvation); for a chanef (irreligious man, hypocrite) shall not come before Him.
17 Hear diligently my confession, and my declaration with your oznayim.
18 Hinei now, I have prepared my mishpat (cause, case); I know that I shall be acquitted.
19 Who is he that can contend against me? For atah (now), if I hold my tongue, I shall expire.
20 Only do not shtayim (two things) unto me; then will I not hide myself from Thee.
21 Withdraw Thine hand far from me, and let not Thy eimah (dread, terror) make me afraid.
22 Then kerah (summon), and I will answer; or let me speak, and answer me.
23 How many are mine avonot and chatta’ot? Make me to know my peysha and my chattat.
24 Lammah (why) hidest Thou Thy face, and holdest me for Thine enemy?
25 Wilt Thou frighten away a leaf driven to and fro? And wilt Thou pursue the dry kash (straw, chaff)?
26 For Thou writest down merorot (bitter things) against me, and makest me to inherit the avonot of my neurim (youth).
27 Thou puttest my feet also in the stocks, and observest kol orkhot (paths, ways) of me; Thou settest a mark upon the soles of my raglayim,
28 Around one who wastes away as a rotten thing, as a beged (garment) that is moth eaten.
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