21 Who will transfigure the basar of our humiliation into the demut of the mode of being of the guf kavod of Moshiach, according to the pe’ulah (action, work—1:6; 2:13) of his ko’ach (power) [Ro 8:29;1C 15:4353], even to the subjecting of all things to himself [1C 15:28]. T.N. The joyous tone of this letter is miraculous, given the fact that Rav Sha’ul is, as he is writing it, in danger of capital punishment by decapitation at anytime and without warning. But Sha’ul selflessly thinks about two quarreling women and the danger their quarrel poses to the kehillah in Philippi. He seems to have been leading up to this statement in 4:2: “I appeal to Euodias and I appeal to Syntyche, think the same thing in Adoneinu.” ]