Melachim Bais 11

1 1 And when Atalyah em Achazyahu saw that her ben was dead, she arose and destroyed kol zera hamamlachah.
2 But Yehosheva Bat HaMelech Yoram, achot Achazyahu, took Yoash ben Achazyahu, and stole him from among the Bnei HaMelech which were being slain; and they hid him, even him and his nurse, in the cheder hamittot (bedroom) from Atalyah, so that he was not slain.
3 And he was with her hid in the Beis Hashem shesh shanim. And Atalyah did reign over HaAretz.
4 And the seventh year Yehoyada sent and got the commanders of hundreds, with the Kereti and [Peleti] bodyguard [of HaMelech] and brought them to him into the Beis Hashem, and made a Brit with them, and put them under oath in the Beis Hashem, and showed them the Ben HaMelech.
5 And he commanded them, saying, This is the thing that ye shall do; a third part of you that come on duty on Shabbos shall even be Shomrei Mishmeret Bais HaMelech (Guards on duty at the Royal Palace);
6 And a third part shall be at the Sha’ar Sur; and a third part at the Sha’ar behind the ones guarding: so shall ye keep shomer the mishmeret HaBais for defense.
7 And two companies of all you that go off duty on Shabbos, even they shall keep shomer the mishmeret Beis Hashem for HaMelech.
8 And ye shall surround HaMelech round about, every ish with his weapons in his yad; and he that cometh within the sederot (ranks), let him be slain; and be ye with HaMelech when he goeth out and when he cometh in.
9 And the commanders of hundreds did according to all things that Yehoyada HaKohen commanded; and they took every ish his anashim that were on duty on Shabbos, with them that should go off duty on Shabbos, and came to Yehoyada HaKohen.
10 And to the commanders of hundreds did the Kohen give the spears and shields of Dovid HaMelech, that were in the Beis Hashem.
11 And the ones guarding stood, every ish with his weapons in his yad, round about HaMelech, from the right side of the Beis to the left side of the Beis, near the Mizbe’ach and the Beis.
12 And he brought forth the Ben HaMelech, and put the nezer (crown) upon him, and gave him the Edut; and they proclaimed him Melech, and anointed him; and they clapped their hands, and said, Yechi HaMelech!
13 And when Atalyah heard the noise of the ones guarding HaAm, she came to HaAm in the Beis Hashem.
14 And when she looked, hinei, HaMelech stood at HaAmmud (the Pillar) according to mishpat, and the sarim and the chatzotzerot (trumpets) beside HaMelech, and kol Am HaAretz were samei’ach (rejoicing) and blowing chatzotzerot; and Atalyah tore her robes, and cried, Kesher, kesher! (conspiracy, treason!)
15 But Yehoyada HaKohen ordered the commanders of hundreds, the officers of the force, and said unto them, Bring her between the sedorot (ranks); and him that followeth her kill with the cherev. For the Kohen had said, Let her not be slain in the Beis Hashem.
16 And they laid hands on her; and she was come to the derech of the entrance HaSusim [by] the Bais HaMelech and there was she slain.
17 And Yehoyada made a Brit between Hashem and HaMelech and HaAm, that they should be the Am Hashem; and between HaMelech and HaAm.
18 And kol HaAm HaAretz went into the bais Ba’al, and tore it down; its mizbechot and its tzelem they thoroughly broke in pieces, and slaughtered Mattan kohen HaBaal in front of the mizbechot. And [Yehoyada] HaKohen assigned the Pekudot (Oversight) over the Beis Hashem.
19 And he took the commanders of hundreds, and the Kereti and [Peleti] bodyguard [of HaMelech], and kol Am HaAretz; and they brought down HaMelech from the Beis Hashem, and came by the derech Sha’ar HaRatzim to the Bais HaMelech. And he sat on the kisse hamelachim.
20 And kol Am HaAretz rejoiced, and the Ir was sheket; and they slaughtered Atalyah with the cherev in the Bais HaMelech.
211 (12:1) Shivah shanim was the age of Yehoash when he began to reign.

Melachim Bais 11 Commentary

Chapter 11

Athaliah usurps the government of Judah, Jehoash made king. (1-12) Athaliah put to death. (13-16) The worship of the Lord restored. (17-21)

Verses 1-12 Athaliah destroyed all she knew to be akin to the crown. Jehoash, one of the king's sons, was hid. Now was the promise made to David bound up in one life only, and yet it did not fail. Thus to the Son of David, the Lord, according to his promise, will secure a spiritual seed, hidden sometimes, and unseen, but hidden in God's pavilion, and unhurt. Six years Athaliah tyrannized. Then the king was brought forward. A child indeed, but he had a good guardian, and, what was better, a good God to go to With such joy and satisfaction must the kingdom of Christ be welcomed into our hearts, when his throne is set up there, and Satan the usurper is cast out. Say, Let the King, even Jesus, live, for ever live and reign in my soul, and in all the world.

Verses 13-16 Athaliah hastened her own destruction. She herself was the greatest traitor, and yet was first and loudest in crying, Treason, treason! The most guilty are commonly the most forward to reproach others.

Verses 17-21 King and people would cleave most firmly to each other, when both had joined themselves to the Lord. It is well with a people, when all the changes that pass over them help to revive, strengthen, and advance the interests of religion among them. Covenants are of use, both to remind us of, and bind us to, the duties already binding on us. They immediately abolished idolatry; and, pursuant to the covenant with one another, they expressed mutual readiness to help each other. The people rejoiced, and Jerusalem was quiet. The way for people to be joyful and at peace, is to engage fully in the service of God; for the voice of joy and thanksgiving is in the dwellings of the righteous, but there is no peace for the wicked.

Chapter Summary


This chapter relates how that Joash the son of Ahaziah, king of Judah, being hid and preserved, when his grandmother murdered all the seed royal, after six years was produced, 2Ki 11:1-3, when Jehoiada the priest set a sufficient guard about him, and the king's house, and anointed him king, 2Ki 11:4-12, and Athaliah his grandmother, who had reigned six years, was put to death by the order of the priest, 2Ki 10:13-16, and then a covenant was made between the Lord, and the king, and the people, and between the king and the people; and he was placed on the throne, to the satisfaction of the people, and the quiet thereof, 2Ki 10:17-21.

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