1 10 (Of Dovid. Mizmor). Hashem said unto Adoni [i.e., Moshiach Adoneinu; Malachi 3:1], Sit thou at My right hand, until I make thine enemies a footstool for thy feet.
7 Of the brook in the Derech shall he [Moshiach] drink; therefore shall he lift up [as victor] the Rosh [Moshiach’s head; PP 2:8-10; Ep 4:15].
23 (3) Hashem shall stretch forth the rod of thy might out of Tziyon; rule thou in the midst of thine [Moshiach’s] enemies [i.e., anti-Moshiachs].
34 (4) Thy [Moshiach’s Messianic] people, willing in the Day of thy [Moshiach’s called up] Army, will be arrayed in the splendor of kodesh (holiness); from the womb of the dawn, cometh to thee [Moshiach] thy young men [cf Isa 53:10] as the tal (dew) [Rv 19:14].
45 (5) Hashem hath sworn, and will not relent, Thou [Moshiach] art a kohen l’olam al divrati Malki-Tzedek (kohen forever in respect to the order of Malki-Tzedek; [see Bereshis 14:18; note it is the kohen who makes kapporah for sin—see Leviticus 4:20; Isa 53:8).
56 (6) Adonoi at thy right hand shall dash melachim (kings) in pieces in the Yom Afo (Day of His Wrath).
67 (7) He [Adonoi acting through Moshiach] shall judge among the Goyim, He shall heap up geviyyot (corpses); He shall dash in pieces Rosh (Head; Gn 3:15] al Eretz Rabbah (over Great, Whole Earth, cf 2Th 2:8).