Tehillim 111

1 11 Praise Hashem. I will praise Hashem with kol levav, in the Sod (company, council) of the Yesharim (upright ones), and in the Edah (assembly).
2 The ma’asei Hashem are gedolim, derushim (sought out, pondered) of all them that have delight therein.
3 His po’al (deed, work) is glorious and majestic; and His tzedakah (righteousness) endureth forever.
4 He hath caused His nifla’ot (wonderful works) to be remembered; Hashem is channun (gracious) and rachum (compassionate).
5 He hath given food unto them that fear Him; He will be mindful of His Brit (covenant) l’olam.
6 He hath showed His people the ko’ach of His works, that He may give them the nachalat Goyim.
7 The works of His hands are emes and mishpat; all His pikkudim (precepts, commands) are ne’emanim (sure, trustworthy ones).
8 They stand fast la’ad l’olam (forever and ever), and are done in emes and yashar (uprightness).
9 He sent redemption unto His people; He hath ordained His Brit (covenant) l’olam (forever); Kadosh (holy) and Nora (awesome, reverend) is Shmo.
10 The fear of Hashem is the reshit chochmah; seichel tov have all they that live by it; His tehillah (praise) endureth forever.
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