Tehillim 77

1 7 (For the one directing. Set to Yedutun. Mizmor of Asaph) I cried unto Elohim with my voice, even unto Elohim with my voice; and He gave ear unto me.
23 (3) In my yom tzoros (day of trouble) I sought Adonoi; my hand was stretched up in the lailah, and ceased not; my nefesh refused to be comforted.
34 (4) I remembered Elohim, and groaned; I pondered, and my ruach was overwhelmed. Selah.
45 (5) Thou holdest mine eyelids awake; I am so troubled that lo adaber (I cannot speak).
56 (6) I have considered the yamim mikedem (days of old), the shnot olamim (years long past).
67 (7) I called to remembrance my neginah balailah (song in the night); I communed with mine own lev; and my ruach pondered with diligent search.
78 (8) Will Adonoi cast off forever? And will He show favor no more?
89 (9) Is His chesed passed away forever? Is His promise at an end l’dor vador?
101 (11) And I said, This is my affliction; but I will remember the shanot of the Yemin Elyon (Right Hand of the Most High).
111 (12) I will remember the deeds of Hashem; surely I will remember Thy wonders mikedem (of old, of long ago).
121 (13) I will meditate also on kol po’al (all work) of Thine, and consider Thy mighty deeds.
131 (14) Thy Derech, O Elohim, is bakodesh (in holiness). Who is so gadol El as Elohim?
141 (15) Thou art HaEl oseh peleh (the G-d that doest wonders); Thou hast declared Thy oz (strength) among the amim (peoples, nations).
151 (16) Thou hast with Thine zero’a (strong arm) redeemed Thy people, the Bnei Ya’akov and Yosef. Selah.
161 (17) The mayim saw Thee, O Elohim, the mayim saw Thee; they were afraid; the tehomot (ocean depths) also writhed.
171 (18) The clouds poured down mayim; the skies resounded in thunder; Thine khitzim (arrows, i.e., lightning bolts) also went forth
181 (19) The voice of Thy thunder was in the galgal (whirlwind); the lightning lit up the tevel (world); ha’aretz trembled and quaked.
192 (20) Thy derech is in the yam (sea), and Thy path is through the mayim rabbim (great waters), and Thy footsteps are not to be discerned.
202 (21) Thou didst lead Thy people like a tzon (flock) by the yad Moshe and Aharon.
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