Tehillim 80

1 0 (For the one directing. Set to The Lilies of the Edut. Of Asaph. Mizmor.) Give ear, O Ro’eh Yisroel, Thou that leadest Yosef like a tzon; Thou that art enthroned between the Keruvim, shine forth.
19 Turn us again, Hashem Elohim Tzva’os; cause Thy face to shine that we may be saved.
23 (3) Before Ephrayim and Binyamin and Menasheh, Stir up Thy gevurah (might), and come and save us.
34 (4) Turn us again, O Elohim, and cause Thy face to shine that we may be saved.
45 (5) Hashem Elohim Tzva’os, ad mosai (how long) wilt Thou be angry against the tefillat amecha (prayer of Thy people)?
56 (6) Thou feedest them with the lechem dimah (bread of tears); and givest them dima’ot (tears) to drink in great measure.
67 (7) Thou makest us a madon (strife, contention) unto shcheneinu (our neighbors), and oyveinu (our enemies) mock us.
78 (8) Turn us again, O Elohim Tzva’os, and cause Thy face to shine that we may be saved.
89 (9) Thou hast brought a gefen (vine) out of Mitzrayim; Thou hast drove out Goyim, and planted it.
101 (11) The harim were covered with the tzel (shadow) of it, and the branches thereof were like the mighty cedars.
111 (12) It sent out its branches unto the yam (sea, i.e., Mediterranean Sea) and its shoots unto the Nahar (river, i.e., the Euphrates).
121 (13) Lammah (why) hast Thou then broken down her walls, so that all they which pass by the derech do pluck her?
131 (14) The chazir (wild boar) out of the forest doth lay it waste, and the beasts of the sadeh doth devour it.
141 (15) Shuv nah (return now), we beseech Thee, O Elohim Tzva’os; look down from Shomayim, and behold, and visit gefen zot (this vine);
151 (16) And the stock which Thy Yamin (Right Hand) hath planted, and the Ben that Thou madest strong for Thyself.
161 (17) It is burned with eish, it is cut down; they perish at the ge’arah (rebuke) of Thy countenance.
171 (18) Let Thy Yad be upon the Ish Yeminecha (the Man of your Right Hand), upon the Ben Adam whom Thou madest strong for Thyself [cf Psalm 110:1; Dan 7:13].
181 (19) So will we never turn back from Thee; revive us, and we will call upon Thy Shem.
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