Tehillim 86

1 6 (A tefillah of Dovid) Incline Thine ear, Hashem; hear me; for I am ani (poor) and evyon (needy).
2 Be shomer over my nefesh; for I am chasid; O Thou Elohai, save Thy eved that trusteth in Thee.
3 Channeni (be merciful) unto me, Adonoi; for I cry unto Thee kol hayom.
4 Samei’ach (rejoice) the nefesh of Thy eved; for unto Thee, Adonoi, do I lift up my nefesh.
5 For Thou, Adonoi, art tov, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in chesed unto all them that call upon Thee.
6 Give ear, Hashem, unto my tefillah (prayer); and attend to the voice of my techinnot (supplications).
7 In my yom tzoros I will call upon Thee; for Thou wilt answer me.
8 Ein kamocha vaelohim (there is none like Thee among the g-ds), Adonoi; nor are there any ma’asim like Thine.
9 Kol Goyim whom Thou hast made shall come and worship before Thee, Adonoi; and shall glorify Shimcha.
10 For Thou art gadol, and doest nifla’ot (wondrous things); Thou alone art Elohim.
11 Teach me Thy Derech, Hashem; I will walk in Thy emes; Yachad (make undivided) levavi (my heart) to fear Thy Shem.
12 I will praise Thee, Adonoi Elohai, with all my lev; and I will glorify Shimecha l’olam.
13 For gadol is Thy chesed toward me; and Thou hast saved my nefesh from the lowermost Sheol.
14 O Elohim, the zedim (arrogant ones, proud, insolent ones) are risen up against me, and the adat aritzim (band of violent men) seek my nefesh; and have not set Thee before them.
15 But Thou, Adonoi, art El Rachum and Channun, slow to anger, and plenteous in chesed and emes.
16 O turn unto me, and be gracious upon me; give Thy oz (strength) unto Thy eved, and save the ben amatecha (the son of Thy handmaid).
17 Show me an ot (sign) for tovah; that they which hate me may see it, and be put to shame; because Thou, Hashem, hast helped me, and comforted me.
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